About us

InspiringSlides.com helps you to inspire others.

InspiringSlides is a love child of SlideCoach.com and Drelfy.com.

We both have a passion for design and love to inspire you with new ways to inspire others.

That’s why we have build and maintain InspiringSlides.com!

SlideCoach: Give your story the slides it deserves

At SlideCoach we design and redesign powerpoint and keynote presentations all day long. We love bringing stories to live.

While most design agencies focus on slidedesign, SlideCoach has also an extensive knowledge of storytelling techniques. This way, your get amazing design AND engaging storylines.

VisitĀ SlideCoach and discover how you can redesign your presentations.

Drelfy: Turn your idea’s into illustrations

Sometimes you’re looking for an image or illustration and you just can’t find it. Illustrations and icons are often owned, not the right colour or just not what you had in mind.

Well, why not draw it yourself and let Drelfy turn your sketch into a full blown illustration!


Get your own custom illustrations right here!